City of Liberation

Bombay Atelier’s aesthetic comes to life in the studio’s cinematic, minimalist debut film.

How to Have a Sustainable Wardrobe

Tips and tricks for a more ethical and earth-friendly closet.

Inside Ravi Vazirani's Bandra Abode

A tour of the interior designer's Mumbai rental.

At Home with Annah Chakola 

We visit the curator-designer’s Kochi home.

Saffron Wiehl

A peek inside the home, studio and life of the Goa-based artist and illustrator. 

Meet Meraki Motorcycles

Ehsan Niroomand's bike workshop is terrifically organised.

Young Love in Small Town India

London-based designer Ashish collaborates with creative director Kshitij Kankaria and photographer Ashish Shah in an earnest homage to small town living.

Nagaland by Lesly Lotha

Textural glimpses and scenes from her life in the North East.

Narendra Bhawan

This Bikaner hotel is a fitting ode to the grand uncle who owned it.

The Spa in a Dungeon

Nothing like an erstwhile warrior fort for a spot of relaxation.

Night at the Museum

We stay at the little known Ginger House Museum Hotel in Fort Kochi that is at once ephemeral in nature and filled with history. 

The Okm Hotel

Lakshman Sagar, a resort in Rajasthan’s badlands is setting an example in low-impact luxury.

Inside Chamar Studio

Rajyashri Goody and founder Sudheer Rajbhar discuss reclaiming a slur
and the difference between art and artisan.

Green Period

Comic artist Aindri Chakraborty shares her journey with menstruation since her very first period.

Mia Morikawa's Natural Self Care Experiments

This low-impact beauty routine uses only edibles.

How to Create Less Trash

Easy ideas for generating less waste.

Aunty Planty on Insects as the New Sustainable Protein

Back with something new to digest, our resident columnist on insects investigates entomophagy.

Aunty Planty on Sustainable Coffee

Everything you didn't know you didn't know about coffee and where to find a kinder cuppa.

Sisters in Beirut

Siblings Karuna Ezara and Nayantara Parikh send us a love letter from Lebanon.

The Other Book of Things

We go behind the scenes with authors Rashmi Varma and Swapnaa Tamhane, and photographer Prarthna Singh during the making of their book Sār.

Sunset from the Sculpture Park

Contemporary art revives a former pleasure palace within Nahargarh Fort.

Jasjyot Singh Hans x Curators of Clay

We took the off-roads to this ceramic studio to chronicle their collaboration with the artist.


IKEA meets NIFT Delhi in their first India collection that ditches the cliches in lieu of blackness.  

Wolf Bites

Art, design and retail converge in the Theatre of Stories.