Mia Morikawa's Natural Self Care Experiments

Honey, lemon and green tea. Oats, rice and almonds. Coffee, vanilla and coconut oil. Mia Morikawa, creative director of 11:11 / eleven eleven and Korra mixes edibles to create her earth-friendly, zero-waste, natural self care treatments. Banish chemicals from your beauty regime with these three recipes she shares with us. 

Green Tea Face Mask
For glowing skin

green tea

after steeping organic green tea, adding 1 teaspoonful of honey to the green tea leaves.
mix and apply to clean skin for 15 mins before rinsing face.
use twice a week.

for a winter variation, experiment with lemon juice and rice flour.



Mia Morikawa Home remedies 4.jpg

Wild Rice Cleansing Scrub
For an invigorating morning

10g. oats
10g. almonds
10g. rice (brown or wild)
5g. camomile tea
1/2 teaspoon turmeric  
milk and honey

mix all dry ingredients together in a spice mixer - blend until it becomes a fine powder. 
combine 2 teaspoons of the scrub powder with a little milk and honey until a paste is formed. 
lightly scrub your face and rinse with warm water (feels and smells yummy)
store the remaining dry powder in an air tight container, it will keep for up to six months.



Coffee Body Polish
For increasing circulation and reducing cellulite

1 cup ground organic coffee.
1 cup organic sugar / small granules
½ cup organic coconut oil.
½ tablespoon cinnamon (optional)
1 tablespoon vanilla (optional)

mix these edibles for a homemade moisturising body polish perfect for exfoliation.



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