Shweta Malhotra Goes Diving in The Andamans


In April 2014, five friends and I took a week-long all-girls trip to the Andaman Islands. It was a diving-only trip, as that's pretty much what the islands are known for. We were based out of Havelock Island and signed up for a diving course through Lacadives (a PADI-certified centre). It was one of my best trips thus far, exploring the world underwater (another world altogether), and just hanging out on the most beautiful beaches. As part of my then ongoing graphic design experiment Something Cool Everyday, where I created and posted graphic art daily, I ended up doing a series inspired by my trip.



                          'Right before the trip, dreaming of the beach.'




'My first dive conversation underwater. The hand sign means ‘OK’

It literally went like this  -  

"OK?" "OK." "OK?" "OK." "OK?" "OK." "OK?" "OK.”' 






'What I saw everywhere underwater on my first dive at Nemo Reef'




'I was quite fascinated by the all the wood signages around where we were staying where the type was hand made of bamboo sticks'


4. Summer Fedora (Selfie b) by Shweta Malhotra.jpg

"An illustrated selfie with a cool white fedora I picked up on Havelock island."



'Swimming with the jelly fish underwater around South Button island is something I'll never forget. 

There were all these psychedelic dream-like creatures underwater, but luckily these ones were not the stinging kind. 

Incidentally, I also got 'kissed' by one! And it was not a nice one!'



'Fish expressions always fascinate me. They almost always seem to look grouchy and grumpy, especially this one in particular.'



'I was mesmerized by the blue waters and the calm of Andaman. This one in particular was an almost virgin beach called Kala Pathar Beach.'


Shweta Malhotra is a graphic artist and designer who lives and works between Delhi and Bombay. Check out her website at and follow her on Instagram.