We like The Sari


Last week our friends over at Border&Fall launched their Kickstarter for their newest project, The Sari: A How-To Drape Film Series, that we think is so important.

The sari is elegant and timeless, and above all, adaptable. However, it’s often relegated to being worn, on the few occasions it is (occasions being the operative word), in the popular Nivi drape while it’s versatility is forgotten.

Border&Fall founder Malika Verma Kashyap explains it best:

“As with all the sari drapes in the past, we believe the sari must continue to adapt to reflect our current lives  – in which a floor length sari with a blouse, petticoat and 15 safety pins may seem cumbersome to everyday living. The irony remains that most of the drapes do not have a petticoat, are often worn without a blouse and always without safety pins.

We are left with a garment that is often perceived as traditional, old fashioned and with little room to experiment. Not only is this simply not true of the sari, but this perception puts the garment at risk: future generations will not want to wear it, and in many larger cities, they have already started relegating it to occasion wear.”

We love the intention of the project - “to look forward by documenting the past, and contribute to a much needed perception shift of the garment.” It is through film that Border&Fall aim to do that. Via eighty four how-to videos, they will showcase the varied drapes of India, while three short independent films will reflect on the sari’s importance and relevance. Filmmaker Bon Duke will explore the sari's future; Pooja Kaul, the inter-generational links of the sari between a daughter, mother and grandmother; and Q, the sari through the male gaze.

Help them create this genius, necessary anthology by backing their Kickstarter. Rewards include illustrations from Manuja Singh Waldia (who created the artwork pictured), totes from Meera Sethi and Rashmi Varma, saris from Raw Mango, Pero, Anavila, Akaaro, and dinners with the film crew, and they are fast running out.