Issue Two




The Other Book of Things

We go behind the scenes with authors Rashmi Varma and Swapnaa Tamhane, and photographer Prarthna Singh during the making of their new book Sār.


Scenes from her life and textural glimpses of the North Eastern state.


A tour of Mumbai's favourite collaborative workspace


Our resident columnist Aunty Planty on coffee sustainability in India. 


A peek inside the home, studio and life of the Goa-based artist and illustrator. 

For each issue henceforth, The Alipore Post will put together an India-centric special filled with art, poetry, music and the best of the web for LOVER. 

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Sisters in Beirut

Forty-five years after their father lived in Lebanon, the Parikh sisters make a trip. Karuna and Nayantara send us a love letter from Beirut.



bean by OLIO


Textile designer Sagarika Sundaram learns how to felt in Piedmont.



How to Set Up Your Kitchen 

Goyamedia's Aysha Tanya gives us the lowdown on kitchen essentials.

In time for her biannual baking classes in India, Purple Foodie teaches us how to make pizza. 

A coffee pairing we love.



Secret Pune

Graphic designer Zuri Camille de Souza explores the idea of secret spaces that people identify within the city of Pune.


Introducing our newest collaboration with Rohini Kejriwal of The Alipore Post.


Upping the Aunty

"We can unlearn racism, patriarchy, fat-phobia, shadism, homophobia and transphobia and a host of other divisive attitudes from aunties."

In conversation with artist Meera Sethi about her latest project.


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