Issue One


Live Like a Waterman

In Goa, the little retreat that could.



Manan Gandhi, founder of Bombay Perfumery goes in search of vetiver in the first of his ingredient diaries.


How to Have a Sustainable Wardrobe

Who is Mickey? Grant Davis and Kassia Karr of Dear head to Tamil Nadu to find out.

The creator of #asaladeveryweek shares her salads with Lover.


Behind the Scenes at St+art India

Photographer Naman Saraiya shares with us his recap of the fourth edition of this street art festival.  



Alex Robertson Textor's Travel To-Do List

Bucket lists are often so ambitious and grand that they become logistically more or less impossible to accomplish.



Inside Ravi Vazirani's Bandra Abode

Before the self-taught interior designer ever moved into his Mumbai rental, he instagrammed the leafy entrance captioning it "the Bandra I want to live in" and now, he does.



Offbeat San Francisco

From rollerskating in a church to making custom fortune cookies, Anoushka Mirchandani shares the quirkiest SF must-dos with a map by illustrator Ria Rajan.



.. and makes something cool everyday. 




Meraki Motorcycles

We take a tour of Ehsan Niroomand's eight month old workshop in Pune where he restores and builds custom bikes. 


The Shadow Reader

Illustrator Deborah Di Fiore sees a man about a shadow.


The city gets an independent cinema.